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Soccer Academy technical skills developed and delivered by Raleigh and Wake County’s best soccer trainer, Coach Frank Pierce. The areas top players from NCFC, WakeFC, TUSA and Velocity have are learned through soccer drills and techniques taught by Coach Frank. Join us each and every Sunday morning and “Master your discipline, play with class, MasterClass.”

The soccer training sessions taught by MasterClass lead to technical soccer skills development and improvement by using a unique and proprietary training program focused on the basic foundation of the sport. Each Sunday morning, Coach  Frank and his team of former students turned coaches, deliver high-quality instruction with the right balance of scrimmages and drills to fully develop your child’s soccer technique and IQ.

"Realizing how much work you have to do to be a good footballer is critical. It is so important to work every single day to be the best you can be. Remember, the European footballers generally touch that football 4 hours a day. Just coming to me on Sunday is just not enough. Every time you brush your teeth, you have to think about doing 15 minutes of TAPS and TOUCHES or WALL STRIKES. For me to look good as a coach and prove that I can make your child Rise Above the Rest, will only happens when the child is motivated and performs his homework each and every day. On Sunday’s, any child can ask me what they need to do that week, as each child is different in what they need to work on. I have the discipline to put your child above the crowd but I need your help.” – Coach Frank Pierce

Technical Soccer Skills - Measure Progress in Training

Soccer Camp - Year Long Intensive Soccer Academy Training

All MasterClass Football Academy students start at our White Shirt level and they test to move forward within the soccer academy to Grey Shirt, Red Shirt and our ultimate, Black Shirt level.

Soccer Drills Training Program

In order to pass the Grey Shirt test, you must know our Taps and Touches sets, Wall Strikes, all Striking Patterns, and know the Attack Forms. You do not have to be proficient but you must know the system of Victory Football Discipline. We encourage our students to practice the soccer drills at home between academy sessions, those that do, pass this test quickly.

The Red Shirt test, requires our soccer academy students to be proficient in the Victory Football Discipline and must score a minimum of 70% in the 100 Strike test. It requires our youth soccer players to use the inside Sweet Spot, the Chip and the Half Volley techniques at the required level.

Academy students can progress to an advanced Red Shirt level, Stripes. To achieve this, our soccer players must process a student all the way through our soccer practice drills and correct technical or fundamental flaws. The goal is to be able to coach our system, recognize mistakes and know how to change them. When this occurs, they are ready to help their fellow soccer academy students improve as technically sound field players.

In order to pass the Black Shirt test, you must meet the highest level of testing and standards. 

Soccer Academy Testimonials

Rapid Player Development Through Repetition and Technique

  • Diego
    MasterClass Football Academy is by far the best soccer academy I have seen: Coach Frank, Teddy, Marcus and Guy work their hearts out to help the players, and you only pay on the day of the practice session that you attend. ( There are no contracts to sign nor hidden fees). When my son Diego started attending MasterClass he could not juggle, use his left foot and his passing was not sharp at all. Now he has much better control of the ball, does not have a weaker foot and can control the whole field with his passing. He has improved so much, that last year he was invited to travel to Barcelona to practice with the FC Barcelona coaching staff…. Everything thanks to MasterClass Football Academy!
    Georges Le Chevallier
  • Witt
    Frank was instrumental in my son’s acceptance onto a Division 1 soccer team. Frank honed in on his weaknesses and wouldn’t stop. This frustrated my son who hated to look bad and preferred to play to his strengths. Frank wouldn’t back down or accept sloppy or half-hearted attempts. This insistence on proper mechanics and the elimination of deficiencies not only significantly improved his play, it also improved his mental toughness. Frank did not care what my son was good at. He didn’t want to see it again. Each lesson, he always had a plan on how to fix my son's game- giving him homework and texting him and me. I highly recommend Frank for his ability to produce a technically proficient and versatile soccer player.
    Dr. Kendall Conger
  • the sibling challenge
    I was shocked at how quickly my son and daughter were able to take what they were learning at MasterClass and put it into effect on the field.  Of all the programs we have tried in the area, none touch Coach Frank's ability to connect with the kids and incorporate skills from training into game play. If you want your child to improve quickly, MasterClass is the program to do.
    Jonathan Kamin
  • Jessie y Julia Alvarado
    La clase y el entrenamiento que  couch Frank y su grupo nos a enseñado por años desde el primer día que lo llegamos somos tres generaciones que couch Frank nos ha entrenado Joey 20 (My brother make the college he is very good) Jessie tiene 13 (juega para CASL Black el couch le  enseño a ser el mejor portero )Y yo Julia couch Frank empezó a entrenarme desde que tenía 4 años ahora tengo 8 y juego para fast navy 08 an TFCA  couch siempre nos  han echo sentir como verdaderos amigos y mucho más como familia no importa de dónde tú seas siempre te hacen sentir parte the el mejor equipo the soccer no importa si tu sabes jugar o no couch Frank te enseña que tu puedes hacerlo y ser el mejor.Gracias  couch Frank y todo su grupo el mejor lugar para jugar, aprender y ser mejor cada día. PD
    Con todo my amor respeto y cariño Joey , Jessie y Julia Alvarado.
    Jessie y Julia Alvarado
  • Shooting with Accuracy
    My son has attended Masterclass Academy for 3 years and it has been a great experience. He has grown so much as a soccer player. Frank does a wonderful job coaching all skill levels to to help each individual max out their potential. This is one of the best trainings in the area. Remember to practice your taps, touches, and attack forms! 제 아들은 마스터 클래스를 3년째 다니고 있는데 정말 좋은 경험 이었고 도움이 많이 되었습니다. 프랭크 코치는 아이들이 어떤 레벨에 있던지 더욱 성장 할수 있도록 도와줍니다. 이 지역에서 가장 좋은 축구 교육 프로그램이라고 생각합니다. 부지런히 연습을 해야 더 나은 축구선수가 될수 있습니다.
    Jin Kim

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